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Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN:

  • How do I prep my skin for applying my tan?
    • In the couple of days leading up to applying your tan exfoliate your skin daily using exfoliating gloves or Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF in the shower. Moisturise your skin well everyday too – ideally in the morning and evening. On the day itself that you are applying your 1 HOUR TAN, DON’T exfoliate. DO moisturise using Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser. Ensure your skin is free from all other lotions, potions, perfumes or deodorants as these may interfere with the development of your tan. Apply a coat of nail varnish to nails so that the colour guide doesn’t stain them. Hands, feet, knees and elbows must have a layer of Chocolate Whip as these areas are particularly prone to dryness and self tan can cling to dry skin.
  • How do I apply Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN?
    • Always use a self-tanning mitt to apply self-tan. The Cocoa Brown Double Sided Velvet Mitt will protect your hands from self-tan and flawlessly buffs tan into skin. Turn can completely upside down and squirt to apply product to mitt and use long sweeping, circular motions to buff tan into skin. To tan hands, feet and face either use the remaining product left on the mitt or use the Cocoa Brown Tontouring Brush T1 to buff tan into skin.
  • How do I remove Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN?
    • Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN works with your skin’s own natural skin tones by producing melanoidins (pigment) in the upper layers of your skin. 1 HOUR TAN fades over approximately 7 days as your skin naturally sheds the upper skin cells. The rate at which your skin naturally desquamates is different for every person and depends on many factors but the average amount of time it takes for pigmented skin cells to be naturally exfoliated is between 7 and 10 days. Skin in areas like your face and hands however, replace themselves much faster – 3-5 days on average. To ensure that your 1 HOUR TAN fades evenly, I recommend exfoliating daily from about day two or three after you have applied the tan. It’s a common mistake not to exfoliate after tanning if you would like your tan to fade evenly then I highly recommend gradually exfoliating it off rather than trying to scrub it all off in one go on day 7. My top tip for removing fake tan is to apply a layer of body oil before bed. In the morning take the juice of half a lemon, half a cup of bread soda and mix in a bowl with two to three tablespoons of TOUGH STUFF. Use a a scrub on dry skin and then rinse off in shower.
  • How often do I apply Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN?
    • Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN is best applied once a week.
  • Can I shave/wax before applying Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN?
    • Wax two days before tanning or shave the day beforehand. If you must shave after tanning, wait at least one day and use a shaving foam will act as a barrier between your skin and the blades.
  • What happens if I leave the tan on too long before washing it off?
    • Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN cannot be left on too long. Your skin will have absorbed the maximum amount of DHA that it can after three hours on the skin.
  • Can I use Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN on my face?
    • Yes, you can. I recommend a light layer applied with the Cocoa Brown T1 Tontouring Brush. The mousse formula is oil-free so it won’t block pores.
  • My tan doesn’t go as dark on my chest or shins, what can I do?
    • The upper layers of the skin is thinner on your face, chest and shins than other areas of the body. DHA, the active tanning agent in self-tanners works only on the upper layers of the skin so will naturally be lighter in these areas on most people. To accelerate the action on DHA on your skin you can apply a light layer of lemon juice to your chest and shins immediately before applying self-tan.
  • Does wearing Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN protect me from the sun?
    • You must use SPF in the sun to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • How do I apply Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN to my hands and feet?
    • Sparingly! Apply a light layer of tan with a mitt or Tontouring Brush. Less is more on the hands and feet. Put your hands in a claw shape while applying so that the tan gets into the crevices in your knuckles. Don’t forget the sides of your hands and in between your fingers and toes too.
  • What shade should I buy?
    • This is very much down to personal preference. 1 HOUR TAN Original Medium Shade will darken your skin by 2 to 3 shades deeper than your natural shade. 1 HOUR TAN Dark Shade will deepen natural skin tones by 3 to 4 shades and 1 HOUR TAN Extra Dark will deepen by 5 to 6 shades.
  • My tan isn’t developing as dark as I expected, what do I do?
    • Make sure you are applying your Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN to clean, dry skin. If there are any products, lotions, potions or perfumes on your skin they may affect the development of your tan. Also, do not wash your hair just before applying the tanning mousse, or in the first shower when you are washing the colour guide off, as the pH of most shampoos will also affect the tan developing. Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN’s active tanning ingredient (DHA) will continue to be absorbed into the skin for 3 hours after application, so if you leave the tanning mousse on 3 hours before showering it off you will get a darker result as the maximum amount of DHA will have been absorbed. Also, the DHA will continue to work with your own skin cells to produce pigment for 48 hours after you apply your tan, so you should expect the full developed colour after this time.


  • Where do I apply the Goddess oils?
    • The Goddess oils are best applied to the cheekbones, collarbone, décolletage, front of the shins, down the centre of the arms or anywhere you wish to highlight!
  • How do I apply the Goddess oils?
    • The best way to apply the Goddess oils is using a flat head stippling foundation brush like the Cocoa Brown Tontouring brush (T1). The brush will absorb most of the oil and distribute the shimmer evenly on the skin.
  • Which Goddess oil is best to use with tan?
    • The Rose Gold Goddess has a dark shimmer which will give a more tanned look where it is applied. As the skin on the chest and shins is thinner that the rest of the body, it may not go as dark as other areas when using Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN. In this case, using some of the Rose Gold Goddess on the chest and shins can deppen the colour and give you a tan boost!
  • My Goddess oil has frozen! What do I do?
    • All the Goddess oils have a coconut oil base which has been partially fractionated so that it is a liquid at room temperature. However, when the temperature of your Goddess oil drops below 4 degrees Celsius, the oil will harden. When moved to a warmer room above 4 degrees Celsius, your oil will return to a liquid state. Don’t worry though – this won’t affect the quality of the product!
  • Are the Goddess oils suitable for sensitive skin?
    • Yes, as the Goddess oils have a coconut oil base they are suitable for sensitive skin. However, we always recommend doing a patch test when using a new product to be confident that the product will suit your skin.

Tough Stuff 3 in 1 Body Scrub:

  • How do I use TOUGH STUFF to prepare for my Cocoa Brown tan?
    • Exfoliate your skin every day in the few days leading up to your tanning application. Rub TOUGH STUFF using sweeping strokes (the longer and faster the storkes, the deeper the exfoliation) and rinse off. Do not exfoliate on the day you are applying your tan.
  • Do I use TOUGH STUFF on wet or dry skin?
    • Either! Using TOUGH STUFF on dry skin will give a deeper exfoliation than using it on wet skin.
  • How do I use TOUGH STUFF to remove stubborn old tan?
    • Start gently exfoliating every day in the shower with TOUGH STUFF on the second day after you have applied your 1 HOUR TAN and continue exfoliating every day after that.
  • How do I use TOUGH STUFF when I’ve had a tan disaster?!
    • Apply a body oil before going to bed. In the morning, mix half a cup of bicarbonate of soda, the juice of one lemon and two tablespoons of TOUGH STUFF in a bowl. Use this mixture to exfoliate on dry skin. Rinse well in the shower.
  • Can I use TOUGH STUFF on my face?
    • Using TOUGH STUFF on your face is not recommended, as the grain is too harsh for the delicate facial skin.

Double Sided Velvet Tanning Mitt

  • How do I use the Deluxe Mitt to apply my tan?
    • Turn your Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN upside down and squeeze some mousse onto the mitt. Apply in small circular motions to the skin.
  • Can I wash the Deluxe Mitt?
    • We recommend hand-washing your Cocoa Brown tanning mitt in order to keep it in top condition – enabling you to tan again and again!

Tontouring Brushes:

  • How do I tontour my face with Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN and the Tontouring brushes?
    • First, apply Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze to your face to give a gentle base glow. Next, squeeze a small amount of the 1 HOUR TAN onto your Cocoa Brown tanning mitt. Dab your Cocoa Brown T1 (stippling foundation brush) to pick up the tanning mousse. Gently apply to the top of the forehead and blend with your fingertips. Next, pick up some of the 1 HOUR TAN mousse on your Cocoa Brown T2 brush (angled contouring brush) and apply under the cheekbone from the top of the ear to mid cheek and blend with your fingertips. You may also wish to apply some tan under the tip and down the sides of the nose for a slimmer look. Leave to develop, and when washed off you will be left with a contoured look without makeup!
  • How do I care for my Cocoa Brown brushes?
    • Clean your Cocoa Brown tontouring brushes regularly using a makeup brush cleanser, and leave horizontally to dry naturally
  • What else can I use my Cocoa Brown tontouring brushes for?
    • The T1 brush, a stippling foundation brush is the best way to apply Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN to your hands and feet, and can also be used to apply foundation. The T2 brush can be used for contouring, applying highlighter and much more!


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