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Perfect Fade Self- Tan Oil
Perfect Fade Self- Tan Oil

Perfect Fade Self- Tan Oil

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The self-tanning oil that bronzes and moisturises your skin in one application.

Available in shade Medium, Cocoa Brown Perfect Fade Self Tan Oil is a fast-drying, fast-developing tanning oil that intensely moisturises and hydrates skin. It gives you a gorgeous natural colour that fades gradually, just like a real tan. Vegan friendly and cruelty free!

Directions for use:

1) Do not shake.
2) Hold can 15cm/6inches from skin and spray evenly over the body – pay extra attention to knees and elbows.
3) Use your tanning application mitt to massage oil into your skin.
4) Leave tan to develop between 3 to 6 hours – depending on how dark you like your tan.
5) Rinse off with water only in shower.

A patch test is recommended 24-48 hours before application.